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003 Business strategy  

Rotem Strategy's beginnings are in the business sector. In over 15 years of activity, we have helped dozens of companies of all sizes and from a wide range of industries to develop long term strategies for profitable growth.

We believe in an approach to strategy development that is based on objective in-depth analysis by consultants, followed by client-consultant collaboration on strategy development.

We start every project with a strategy review – an in-depth analysis of the organization's inner workings and external environment.


Based on this review, we recommend to focus on a number of key strategic issues in joint task teams consisting of management members and Rotem Strategy consultants.

This way, the company's management brings intimate knowledge of the industry and the company, while Rotem Strategy's consultants provide external data, analytical methods, challenging questions, and fresh perspectives.

Together, we believe we produce the optimal end-result- a strategy that is both effective and conducive for management buy-in