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002 Economic research & analysis

Rotem Strategy's seasoned economists provide economic research and analysis to support both business strategy planning as well as government policy making

What sets us apart in our economic research is our focus on both the macro (country and industry level trends and forecasts), and the micro-economic level (the firm and its environment). Our knowledge and understanding of the two perspectives provide increased depth and credibility to the work we do in both.

   Our economic research services focus on the following areas:

   · Macro-economic research

·  National macro-economic environment

·  Economic policies

·  Industry trends analysis and economic forecasting


   ·  Economic & financial advisory services

·  Regulatory advice

·  Valuations of companies & business units

·  Business plans

·  Scenario analysis and economic forecasts

·  Economic feasibility studies

·  Financial benchmark   

·  Expert opinion for the regulatory and judicial system