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006 Annual Work Plans

The  annual workplan is a vital management tool in implementing strategy and achieving results. A good workplan defines the end-result that the organization is trying to achieve, and the way to achieve it , while creating a common platform for planning, evaluating, reviewing and monitoring organizational efforts towards reaching strategic goals. 

The goal of the annual workplan is to improve the way strategy
is implemented through:

1. Creating a common planning language.

2. Improving planning capabilities.

3. Translating overall company/organization strategy into 
     functional unit workplans.

4. Increasing coordination between different organizational units.

In the last 10 years Rotem Strategy has been working with the government and the business sector in developing strategy-derived annual work-plans, reviewing and monitoring them.

Rotem Strategy has been instrumental in developing a common planning language, producing and coordinating workplans, and translating executive decisions into actionable steps, thus acheiving better results.