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The recruitment process

We are growing, and looking for superb individuals

  • Highly motivated achievers
  • Curious individuals, Creative thinkers, Fast learners
  • Possess high analytical skills, practical and down to earth
  • Strong team players
  • Have a record of excellence



    •  BA from a top university
    •  Honors degree - advantage


    • BA or MA from a top university
    • Honors degree - advantage
    • Relevant employment experience

The main goal of our recruitment process is mutual introduction  


In each interview:
1. Getting to know the candidate’s personal
     and professional background
2. Case Study 
3. Exam
4. Answering the candidate’s questions

Every year we receive approximately 1,000 CV’s
Over the past year we recruited 7 new employees
* (The recruitment process takes 4-6 weeks)






Apply here - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We recommend practicing case studies - Click here for examples