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What it's like to work at Rotem


˝One of the most important things for me in a workplace is that I be able to expand my professional knowledge and develop my personal capabilities. Rotem Strategy provided me with professional training and a stimulating team environment that helped me develop my skills as an organizational consultant. I was also involved in a wide range of projects with different government ministries – housing, culture, sport, and interior – each one with a different, and hopefully lasting, impact on Israeli society and economy....˶

Roee Elkayam, Organizational Consultant (joined Rotem Strategy in 2013) 


˝I looked for a place that would combine a high level of professional work, together with strong ethical values and a contribution to society. It was also important for me to work in a team with people I respect and like, and to be able to balance work with personal life. What I found out is that working at Rotem Strategy is never boring. The projects are diverse, both in the type of clients and the scope of services we provide them, and this requires me to continuously develop professionally and intellectually...˶

Ehud Rotem, Business Analyst (joined Rotem Strategy in 2013)



˝my first experience with Rotem Strategy was at the company's recruitment event in Tel-Aviv University. There I first realized that Rotem Strategy is my opportunity to work in a place that makes a lasting impact on Israeli economy and society. The day-to-day work is challenging and diverse: within a single work-day I can do an analysis of a potential multi-million dollar market for a large hi-tech company and research urban and financial growth drivers for a local municipality. From my first day at work I found myself presenting to senior executives and CEOs. This allows me to play a significant role in the creation of data-driven strategic plans and ways to implement them. While I'm encouraged to think and work independently, I'm provided with the best training and guidance from the most professional and stimulating minds in the industry. In addition to a high-level of professional work and strong ethical values, I looked for a place where I could also have fun and enjoy good company. Rotem's people are simply fun to be around, and we frequently hang out together when the work day is over, making me come to work every day with a smile...˶

Noam Mordechay, Business Analyst (joined Rotem Strategy in 2015)