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The recruitment process

We are looking for people with unique skills and capabilities that have the passion and commitment to be consultants. So the goal of the process is quite simple – to get to know you, and give you the chance to get to know us and our work, so that we can both make the right decision. 

Initial screening is based on your CV. If you meet the formal requirements than one of our senior consultants will give you a call to confirm your CV details and ask you for clarifications if needed. After this, you will be invited to a personal interview with our head of recruitment.

Following this interview, you will be invited to three additional rounds of interviews. Your interviewer will be one of the partners, a different partner for each interview. Each interview includes a discussion of your background and work experience, a case study, and time for your questions. 

In the second interview you will be required to come an hour in advance and prepare an assignment, which you will later discuss during the interview. The fourth interview is held with our Managing Partner. If you pass it then you will receive an offer.

Our recruitment process usually lasts 4 weeks, but can take up to 8 weeks. We recruit throughout the entire year.

Every applicant will receive an initial reply, but we apologize in advance: we do not give feedbacks on non-successful interviews..

We encourage you to prepare for the case study.
Some examples of case studies can be found at the following website: